what we do


The work stages:

  • Analysis of the information received about the debtors to identify the most appropriate collection model.
  • Gathering necessary information about the absconding debtors and their available property, relatives and guarantors.
  • Establishing contact with debtors using technical means (telephone, e-mail, SMS and fax)
  • Regular and effective negotiations with the debtors.
  • Advising debtors on the debt repayment ways and conditions.
  •  Monitoring payments.
  • We work both with the troubled and the overdue debts at all stages (from the 1st day of their incurrence to the moment of their settlement).

The handling of mortgaged security

The "BOA Agency” LLP offers the following services to optimise your financial and time costs:

  • Identification of the pledged item’s location and its withdrawal.
  • Keeping and searching for potential purchasers of the property and realization of the pledged item by way of bidding.
  • Searching for the property of co-debtors and guarantors