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Pre-trial debt collection

Pre-trial debt collection is an integrated approach to dealing with a non-payer that gets debts settled before a case rises in a court of law, thus saving judicial costs and the time a litigation would have otherwise consumed.

The main goal is repayment of debts through negotiations and by our high-level lawyers solving debtors’ problems before courts of law.

We work exclusively within the framework of applicable legislation

Debt recovery through legal proceedings

The judicial recovery is the next stage of debt collection at which the debtor has not paid the debt at the pre-trial recovery stage. A judicial enforcement takes 2 to 6 months to implement on the average.

The consequence is that the debtor has repaid not only the debt itself but also all the fines and penalties provided for in the contract or the use of funds interest fees.

The dispute judicial settlement procedure:

  • Preparation of the full document packages complete with claims;
  • Representation of the creditor interests in courts until verdicts are passed;
  • Negotiations to conclude amicable agreements;
  • Receipt of a court verdict or securing an approved amicable agreement;
  • Obtaining an enforcement order for the debt recovery;
  • Submission of enforcement orders to bailiffs for debts to be collected;
  • Control over the enforcement proceedings;
  • Control over collection of debts by the bailiff service;
  • Control over the payment.

At the enforcement stage, the Agency's employees either work independently with debtors or work closely with the bailiff service assisting in obtaining operational information about the debtor and availability of property and other assets.